28 May 2009

Things That Make Me Laugh - African Version

  • When people bring up colonialism in Africa …. and then all look right at me
  • When my training village host mother drunk dials me at night (seriously)
  • When really professional people’s cell phones ring and it’s a 50 Cent rap about “bein’ up in da club, doin’ my thing” … and then return to work-related conversation like a gansta rap was not just on their phone
  • When my coworkers tell me I must give them American money when I leave
  • When a guy at the taxi rank yells "I like your figure! Yrrr!" and then is surprised when I don't stop to chat...

1 comment:

Roze said...

Casey, we must be on the same brainwave or something because your somethings that make you laugh make me laugh too! Go tsididi! Hahahaha