18 May 2009

But You're So Fair-Skinned

When I told people I'd be living in Africa for two years, I got a lot of "but Casey, you're so fair-skinned..." I then usually made some joke about stocking up on really high SPF (which I did, in special thanks to my Godmother!) and talked about how much I like freckles - which I really do.

Even with SPF though, I've managed to get quite a few new freckles. Most of them came out during training when it was still summer (February and March). I thought I'd do a classic Before & After to show you some of my new African Freckles, especially my forehead.

And, yes, sadly my hair also gets frizzy in hot environments, so my pre-PC hair was much smoother. Remember, I moved to Michigan for college for a reason : )

Now that I'm working and not having to tredge through the sandhills everyday in direct sunlight, it's a little easier. The sun is pretty intense here. I pray for cloudy days - even just a little! It's funny because I equate bright sunlight with beaches and I am soooo far away from a beach right now. Thank God vacation is coming! Or, holiday, I guess they say here, thanks to English influence : )

Sala sentle,


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