24 March 2009

Two Weeks

Dumelang! I have less than two weeks before I am an official Peace Corps Volunteer!

On April 2 I will be sworn-in and on my way back to Mafikeng, where I will live for the next two years. I am incredibly excited! (I should also have better Internet access once I'm in Mafikeng!)

This past week we had a Supervisor's Workshop to meet our new supervisors and then do a site-visit. The organization I'm going to be working with, South African Men's Action Group (SAMAG), is fairly well-connected in the community, so I was able to meet with various partners and board members. The office has 7 (now 8 with me) and it was so great to meet everyone. I am excited to get back there and get to work!

My Setswana language is coming along ... but where I am, the language of business is primarily English. I am still going to try to learn Setswana so that I can speak to people and surprise a few when I'm the American who can converse in Setswana!

In Mafikeng, I'm staying with a big family - mom, dad and 5 kids! The youngest kids in the house, Ororiseng, 9 and Realeboga, 5, are so much fun! I never had younger siblings, so it's been lots of fun to get to know them. They also speak English incredibly well; I'm so impressed!

Since I have had trouble uploading photos, here are a few pictures. There's my homestay, local school kids, tribal dancers and then a few from a Braai that Peace Corps had for us, it's like a bar-b-que.

Oh, and sorry about my green scarf being in two pictures! I actually do have other clothes, I just really love that scarf! And apparently the only time I take pictures is when I'm wearing it!

Much love,

Casey : )

p.s. I got a cell phone! The number, when dialing from the US is: 011-27-71-278-4962. The actual number is 071-278-4962, but you have to add the country code and such.

I wouldn't normally put my cell phone out there like this, but what are the odds someone will spend the money to prank-call me in South Africa?! (Or, in Setswana, 'diatura!', too expensive!)

My current Seabe homestay

Grade 1 schoolchildren at a Seabe primary school in the Mpumalanga Province

Tribal dancers
(If you look closely, you can see the pink feather dusters in their hands!)

Almost-Volunteers Nisah and Casey at the Braai

Almost-Volunteers Anne and Casey at the Braai


Dana W. said...

It looks so wonderful! I'm glad ou're having a great time. We all miss you. My mom is keeping tabs on you as well. :)

Dana W. said...

Happy Swearing In Day!