09 March 2009

South Africans Think I'm Funny! (Well, at least a few people : )

Haha, so this post is actually about where I may be going, but I thought that was a funny title : )

I was actually concerned that people in South Africa wouldn't think I was funny b/c I had heard that the cultures were more literal and I can be sarcastic. But I've found that facial expressions and physical humor seems to work just about anywhere.

So! Big exciting almost-news!

On Friday, we get our site annoncements! We had a big meeting yesterday and my language group, Setswana, will be in the NorthWest Province or Mpumalanga. I've included a map below, but the image isn't the best, so here's the link too.

Map of South Africa's Provinces

Generally, if we're in the NorthWest, it will be near the Botswana border, which equals desert! Yikes! With my fair Irish skin, it makes me a little nervous. BUT - they said the night gets chilly, so that's good.

Peace Corps provided us with these camel-colored fur blankets that, at first, I was like, 'wtf, we're in Africa' but now it makes sense. I joked that I may fashion it into a fabulous coat, ala Kwame Kilpatrick : ) haha.

More updates later on where I will be! My day to check Internet is Monday, so probably then.

Much love,

Casey : )

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