12 January 2009

Thank you to my family and friends

I am incredibly grateful to my family and friends for making these last several weeks before departing for South Africa so fantastic!

I was able to perform with the improv troupe I was in when I was in Michigan, Generation Gap. It was so fun to play with the troupe one last time, or for awhile at least, at the new improv club, Go Comedy!

Which, by the way, you should totally visit the club if you live near Ferndale, MI. Check out http://www.gocomedy.net/. Support local business!

Generation Gap at Go Comedy!
Back Row: Peter, Gerald, Andrew, Amy's head, Casey, Charles
Front Row: Susan
(not pictured: Alan)

My fantastic parents threw a going-away party for me today and my family came as well as some close friends. My Aunt Polly and my cousin Marilyn helped make food and I played the Temba Africa CD that my best friend Lesley got me. (Which, I think my dad hated it ... the minute people left, he unplugged the CD player, haha.)

My good friend Katie and me

It was such a great afternoon! My sincerest thanks to my family and friends for being there and being fabulous. I love you all so much!

Much love,


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Little Sailing Girl said...

Can you send me the other picture that got taken that night! :) Thanks much!