03 August 2009

Lions and Cheetahs and Giraffes, Oh My!

I was lucky enough to be able to visit a game reserve here in South Africa, not too far away from Pretoria. I’ve heard that South Africa is one of the best places to go for game reserves because there are so many wild animals who habitate here (can I conjugate that like that?).

The pictures mostly speak for themselves, so there’s not much more I have to add to this one. I went with other Peace Corps Volunteers (PCVs), some of whom are in Pretoria because they’ve been med-evac’d from their countries. Only three of us in the group photo are actually PCVs in South Africa. The others are scattered in various African countries north of us and the person in the Panama Jack hat is the visiting medical officer from Paraguay.

The group of volunteers and med-evacs playing with the baby lion
(as you can see, the green scarf has made it into another photo : )

The baby lion got freaked out and started walking across people's laps

Baby lion and me

(look how small his teeth are!)

I love that this baby giraffe has a cloak and a little log cabin.
What an eccentric giraffe to be wearing a cloak! Next comes black nail polish.

Cheetah through the fence - they are so beautiful!

Video with a lioness walking towards us (we think she's pregnant).
Sorry it's a bit Blair Witch with the camera movement, they backed up the car while I was shooting this. Oh - and the background is sort of silly. Enjoy!

As for me...more later. Still homeless. Still trying to figure it all out.

Sala sentle,


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