02 July 2009

I Guess We Were Warned About Times Like These

During the Peace Corps application process, during the 'staging' where volunteers prepare to leave and at the in-country training, they warn volunteers of the big ups and big downs they might encounter. I'm fairly level and try to remain balanced so my experiences so far have been really great (albeit ridiculous at times) and I've laughed a lot. But some days it's just not as easy to find the funny.

Last week was a string of those kind of days.

The big news is that I do not live in Mafikeng anymore. I can't (and won't) say why on this blog except that it's a security matter. I can't say anything because of Peace Corps regulations and I won't just because of my own standards. This site is supposed to be a fun and informative blog about my experiences, not my online journal. But I am safe, so that's good.

Since I have a lot going on in terms of finding a new site and home for the duration of my tenure in South Africa, I'm not in funny-writer mode. But since I still want to be positive, I'm going to leave you with this really amazing video of a group of learners at a middle school in the North West Province performing a Tswana cultural dance. I am so impressed, especially by these boys, and what they can do. Enjoy.

Middle School learners from the North West Province doing a Tswana cultural dance
(1 minute, 34 seconds)

Whey they sing, "ke mang?" is like "it's who?" and as for the rest .... yeah, I don't know. You can make up your own meaning, that's always fun.

Sala sentle,


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melanie said...

I hope you're ok!!