05 June 2009

I'm Feeling a Bit Like Molly Shannon

So it's June and I bought a heater.

Yes, I realize I'm in the southern hemisphere and it's late autumn/early winter here, but still, it's Africa. A heater is just one more thing I really didn't expect to buy here.

It gets to 5C at night! I'm not totally adjusted to the F to C conversion, but take away 5 degrees and you have literally freezing since 0C equals 32F! Yikes!

At work it's freezing too - lots of tile. My hands have always been colder than the rest of me and all I can seem to do to keep them warm is put them in my armpits. (Sorry)

But then it makes me laugh because I think of Molly Shannon as Mary Catherine Gallagher on Saturday Night Live. So the laughing then makes me forget, if even for a few minutes, how cold I really am.

Molly Shannon as Mary Catherine Gallagher
Promo for
Superstar, the movie they made from the character

But don't worry, I just do it for warmth. No smelling involved or jumping backwards onto things : )

Sala sentle,



Anonymous said...

At least you can buy a heater! There were cold days in Thailand but no heaters avaiable! Who would think you would need such things?!

Steve said...