06 April 2009

Winter is Coming

It's kind of funny; people keep telling us that "winter is coming" but it's hard to believe when the sun shines bright everyday and the temperature is 28 C (around 82 F). At night it gets kind of cold, like low 50s and will apparently get into the 40s by July. Generally my theory is that winter only comes at night and then goes away.

In any case, I'm very excited for winter! It sounds like it's just about perfect - beautiful and warm during the day and cool for sleeping at night.

I thought I'd put up some pictures since I haven't had good connections before to post photos.

Mandela sign at the Apartheid Museum in Johannesburg (Joburg)

Scenery in Marapyane, Mpumalanga Province
(Just down the road from the training college)

Our Setswana language group at swearing-in: Amy, Glenn, Magdeline (teacher) and me
(not pictured from our small group: Jackie)
Anne and Casey at Swearing-In

Some of the ladies at the Family Farewell function
Back row: Laura, Casey and Amy
Front Row: Nadine, Nisah and Sharleen

The whole group at Swearing-In
As goes the curse of being tall when pictures are taken, I'm in the back, you can kind of see my face near the middle...
(The country director, McGrath, is on the far left of front row and the associate director of training, Lisa, on the far right standing.)


Little Sailing Girl said...

I read your post this morning and thought it was a pretty appopriate title. We got snow last night and we have a winter storm warning until later tonight.
Things are hopping in Detroit as Michigan State won on Saturday and we are making it to the final game of the final four at Ford Field.
I miss you! - Stephanie

Anonymous said...

I see you in these pictures but where's the green scarf! lol